(Margaret Barker Dann)

Note: "grandma" is Margaret, "mother" is her daughter Mary Dann Scudder. Written by Marie, Mary's daughter.

Grandma Dann came to live with us in Coopers Plains NY in October 1910. The dish I gave to Dianne Spencer was a dish among the belongings she brought with her.

I remember going with my mother on the train to Canton and then by horse and wagon to pack her things- I was six or seven years old at the time. Ray Barrow, Erwin Spencer's grandfather came to Canton to meet us.

At the time, she lived in a black house next to the Swamp Church. I think the house is still there.[2007... Yes it is, clad in white vinyl]

She died in our house in January 1914. The last year she had strokes and was in bed. I remember her funeral was held in the parlor. Her son Clayton and his large family attended also.

She was taken by train to Canton and then buried at the Swamp Cemetery.