Major Thomas Van Buskirk was very wealthy with large land holdings. As of 1990 his house was still standing in Saddle River NJ. It was originally built in 1707 as a single room, but through the course of his lifetime the house grew into a mansion. The house was on a 1090 acre parcel which was purchased from the indians.

In the late 1700s the house was used for church services, and during the revolutionary War it housed the British officers quarters while the troops camped in the fields. A huge barn housed polo ponies in the 1920s.

In 1922 the Van Buskirk family sold the property to a Mr William Bond who started the Saddle River Polo Club. The house has been sold again in recent years (1990s?).

(The house information comes from the book "Pre- Revolutionary Dutch Houses and Families " by Rosalie Fellows Bailey, 1936. Prepared under the auspices of the Holland Soceity)

In the Schomp Burying ground for Van Buskirks, a stone was found for Thomas. His death was calculated to be February 1747, and his will was proven October 20, 1748.

Children by Thomas and his wife Margritie Brickers, daughter of John Brickers ans Geertje Fonda:

1. Johannis, Bpt July 1, 1694. Died 1720

2. Abraham, Bpt May 23, 1700 in Hackensack (NJ) Dutch Church. Married #1 Marytje Van Hoorn October 29, 1704 at Hackensack NJ.

3. Janje (Johana), Born December 1705, Bpt November 17, 1706.

4. Andries, Born 1707. Died October 14, 17??. Married Annetje Verway on January 7, 1736 or 7.

5. Laurens, died December 22, 1773. Married #1 Margretje Lucas Van Horn on October 27, 1727, #2 Eve Wannamaker on April 5, 1747.

6. Isaac, Born July 15, 1709, Bpt August 7, 1709, Died 1783. Married #1 Elsje Van Horn, #2 Barbara (?).

7. Geertru. Bpt March 7, 1715. Married Wiert Bantaon November 23, 1732.

Children of Thomas and his wife Volkerite Colliers:

Johannes, 1720

Michael, 1721

Margrite 1723.

Fytje, 1727.

Lelpi 1728.

Cathryrn, 1730.

Thomas, 1733.

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