Laurens Van Buskirk was born in 1663 in New Amsterdam (New York), and died in May of 1724 at Bergen County New Jersey. Burial at Van Buskirk cemetery, Buskirk Point New Jersey.

In 1691 he married Hendrickje Van Dr Linde, daughter of Joost Van Der Linde and Fytje Van Gilder, born December 1663 in New Amsterdam and baptized July 24th 1667.

Laurens obtained a patent for 240 acres on the Hackensack River and Overpeck Creek adjoining lands of brothers Pieter and Thomas, and half- brother Barent Christianense. He was elected to the 5th provincial assembly in 1709 with Andries represented Bergen County.

Children of Laurens and Hendrickje:

1. Fytje, Baptized 1693, Lutheran Church, Hackensack, New Jersey. Marrried Arie S Banta, August 19, 1711

2. Joos, Born January 7, 1695, Baptized August 7, 1695 at Hackensack. Married #1 Truntje Martese, #2 Elizabeth Die on March 30, 1743.

3. Andreu, Baptized February 26, 1699 (note inconsistency with below) Saddle River, New Jersey. married Jacomyntje Davidse Demerest on January 26, 1717.

4. Jan (John), Baptized February 26, 1699 at Hackensack, New Jersey, died 1783. Married #1 Geesje J Westervelt on April 1 1721, #2 Martje Van Der Linde on September 13, 1749, #3 Theodosia

5. Jacobus, Baptized December 26, 1700 at Hackensack, New Jersey. Married Elizabeth Laurence

6. Laurens, Baptized February 27, 1704 at Hackensack New Jersey. Married #1 Sarah Terhue, May 7, 1726, #2 Hendrickje on January 27, 1745.

Laurens was known as the miller of the Ramapos. He was "invited to leave" by his Rockland County New York neighbors, and told if he ever returned he would be shot on sight for his kindness towards the British during the revolutionary war. His sons were loyalists as well as his brother Jacob.

7. Benjamin, Baptized October 28, 1705 at Hackensack, New Jersey. Married Susan Demarest March 21, 1725.

8. Abraham, Baptized July 20, 1707 Hackensack New Jersey. Died young, not in will.

9. Janetje, Baptized May 1, 1710, died January 10, 1792. Married Johannes Van Horne May 12, 1727.

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