Benjamin Van Buskirk was born October 20, 1705 at Hackensack, New Jersey. Married Susanna Demerest March 21, 1725 at Schraalenburg church. Susanna was born Sept 6, 1747, and was the daughter of Samuel Demerest and Marie de Riune.

Benjamin lived at New Hackensack New Jersey on land adjacent to a 600 acre tract owned by his uncle Pieter Van Buskirk. Susanna inherited property in Teaneck, Bergen County, New Jersey.

Children of Benjamin and Susanna:

1. Benjamin, born 1726, baptized March 21, 1729. Married Constantina Tiebout on February 21, 1747

2. Samuel. Born February 1 1729 at Tappan, New Jersey. Baptized March 21, 1729 at Schralenburg, New Jersey.

3. Laurens Benjamin, Born July 25, 1731, baptized July 26, 1731 at Hackensack Lutheran Church. Married Maria Kloww on April 25, 1760. Witnesses for his baptism were Arie Banta and wife.

4. Maria, born April 10, 1733, baptized October 13, 1734 at Schralenburg church, New Jersey. Died January 8, 1785. Married David Demerest on August 1 1748 at Belleville New Jersey.

5. Jacomyutje, Born August 29, 1739, baptized September 13, 1739 at Schraalenburg church, New Jersey. Married William Van Loon on May 27, 1762 at Loonenburg (now Athens), Greene County, New York

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